Chris was born into a family of eight boys, (himself being a twin) in the east end of Glasgow and from an early age was always singing. He attributes this to his Father and Mother who in every unfolding moment were airing a tune whilst, cooking a meal, doing the washing, cleaning, you get the picture. He tells us “a beautiful everlasting memory that evokes a warm glow inside”.

Both parents always encouraged their sons to bring their  friends round and having an older brother who was in a band, lent many an evening to a whole rhythm section in our living room belting out the lasts hits Stones ,Beatles, and The Who. Interestingly enough at school he never once was picked out by any drama teacher as being a candidate for the stage. In those days that platform was reserved for the bedroom with the infamous hairbrush and a copy of ‘WORDS’ (a monthly Magazine with song lyrics).

His first record he bought was from the record store in Buchannan street (Next to the old subway station.) he got on the 41 bus from Easterhouse to the terminus at the record store, got off the bus bought the record, got back on the bus and couldn’t wait to get home to flip open the Danseete, with joyous anticipation of leaving the arm over so it would play and play and play. The record was indeed ‘Something tells me something goanna happen tonight’ Sung by Cilla Black.  (Got to, Number 3 in the charts, Christmas 1971).

Bizarrely enough, after the age of sixteen, Chris never did follow a career in show business, instead opted for Food Tech College to embark on his career as a chef. Although, that journey led him into his first job in night club called blazes’ restaurant (old Berkley, now the Koh-I-Noor) in North Street Charing Cross. A voyeuristic cabaret venue with a live band, resident singer and show girls dancers with bunny girls as waitresses and top headliners like Lulu , Les Dawson and David Soul. Looking out from the back of the room from the kitchen there was, unbeknown to Chris, a spark ignited.

After years in the catering world, Chris and his partner opened up a Bar in 1985 Called ‘Austins ‘in Hope street, Glasgow and through a chance meeting embarked on a long life friendship with famous Glasgow Duo, Robert and May Miller. Chris would rodeo for May in her early years and he was smitten.

There the stage was set with the birth of the Tuesday Club at Austins with a live keyboard player and a guest act every week. There Chris was able to learn his craft by performing different materials to a live audience which led him to his first  audition which led to being offered a season at Sundrum Castle Holiday park in Ayr where he worked for 4 years as the band singer.

Great training ground for pulling together the great vocal entertainer he is today.

Chris next stop was Blackpool (1997) where he performed in Clubland for ten summer seasons. During this time Chris forms a partnership with dynamic personality vocalist Laura James and they forge ‘T.L.C’ (Together Laura & Chris) and till this present day, perform theatre shows, corporate events and weddings.

In 2007 Chris was invited by Karen Dunbar (Scottish comedian) through the Comedy unit to play support act to her show at the Perth arts festival, adding another string to his bow performing comedy.

Chris is Variety at its best, Singing across the board.All the great standards from way
back when, The Impressionable ballads, 60's 70's right up to the present day, the greats from the Musicals and a bit of swing for good measure.

Scottish talent at its best!, a night to Remember.

Chris is now back in Scotland after completing 10 years working and performing in Club-land in Blackpool as a Vocal Entertainer (A Recipe of Song & Dance and Comedy).

Scottish Television: Taggert

Guest on the following shows

Radio Scotland: Fred McCauley Show
Clyde 2: John Irons On Sunday
Clan F.M: John Manning Show


Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow

East Kilbride Theatre, South Lanarkshire

Motherwell Civic South Lanarkshire

   Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow

City Halls, Glasgow

Why Chris Millar ?

" Something in the way he moves attracts me like no other"